The ShowerStar Shower Timer is one of the highest impact and lowest-cost water and energy efficiency measures available, encouraging people to take shorter showers on a daily basis. A patent pending, simple DIY retrofit product that mounts onto an existing shower pipe or showerhead and automatically detects when a shower starts.

Once the sensor detects the shower has started, a timer starts decrementing, showing the remaining shower time. Customisable audio and visual alerts are provided at the start, halfway and at the end of the countdown timer period to provide prompts, and include a simple “traffic light” system.

The product is powered via a long life rechargeable battery with a USB type C port for charging from a standard USB 5VDC charger. The battery only needs to be recharged approximately every 6 months*.

Works with any type of water heater including electric storage, heat pump, gas and thermal storage and is complementary with other efficiency measures such as low-flow shower-heads.

Shower data is uploaded periodically to an App and a duplicate set of anonymised data is uploaded to a portal allowing utilities to verify persistance and analyse shower data. 



Download Specifications 


Supports simple configuration using an operation button and complex configuration and data logging via an App. The App connects via Bluetooth and is available in iOS and Android versions.


DIY installation onto a shower pipe (rigid or flexible, straight or corrugated) or directly onto a shower-head. Installation takes 2 minutes. First mount the mount bracket using supplied cable ties, then slide the product into the mounting cradle to complete the installation. No plumbing or electrical connection required.